RFID Journal Live! Phoenix 2017, What to look out for

RFID Journal Live! Phoenix May 17

It’s less than 2 weeks before the RFID Journal Live! event. Our suitcases are almost packed and we are getting excited.

The 15th annual conference will take place on the 9-11 May at the Phoenix Convention Centre, Arizona. It will host 200+ exhibitors from 25 countries and will feature conferences on specific industries from logistics to pharma.

What we are looking forward to at RFID Live!

Well, apart from catching up with customers and partners and networking with new ones, of course, some of the conferences have definitely caught our eyes.

As RFID solutions providers, gathering information on case studies of successful RFID implementation is priceless for us. It also allows us to share great stories with our clients.
Here are some of the conferences that we will not miss.

Defense / Aerospace track

10/05 – 11am: Air Force achieves real benefits with RFID
From asset tracking to maintenance of equipment, there are many RFID applications for the defense sector. It will be interesting to hear how such a symbolic institution as the US Air Force uses the technology and benefits from it.

Healthcare / Pharma track

10/05 – 3pm: Michigan Medicine gains efficiency, improves asset visibility with RFID
We don’t often link hospital to asset tracking. They, however, have lots of equipment. In the case of Michigan Medicine, they actually have 12,000 pieces of durable medical equipment in need of tracking and maintaining. With 7,000 assets tagged already, we are looking forward to hear what benefits RFID has brought them in term of process efficiency and cost reductions.

Retail track

10/05 – 3.50pm: The business case for RFID in Retail and Apparel
If you are in retail and still not sure what ROI you can get from implementing RFID to manage your inventory, well, this conference is for you. The information is based on a research conducted by the RFID Journal and you will even receive interactive spreadsheets to help you work out the benefits for your own business. One not to be missed!

Supply Chain / Logistics track

10/05 – 3pm: RFID enables remote inventory visibility
What makes this case study interesting is the “remote tracking visibility” feature which so many suppliers of parts need. In this conference, you will learn the benefits of using RFID for container tracking and how you can cut costs, improve replenishment response time and enhance customer satisfaction.

Technology and Infrastructure track

11/05 – 9am: NFC and RFID: Enhancing the customer experience near and far
NFC was invented in 2002 and since then the technology has continued to develop. As the mobile phone market grow, so is the NFC market which is expected to reach $24 billion by 2020. From brand protection to customer loyalty, applications and opportunities are endless. We can’t wait to hear more from Paula Hunter, the Executive Director of the NCF Forum.


So there you go, here is our non-exhaustive list of preferred conferences. There are dozens of them across the 3 days so don’t take our word for it and make your own selection now from the conference page on the RFID Live website.

If you are going to Phoenix and would like to catch-up with us, send us a note and we‘ll meet you there.

If you cannot make it to the US, all is not lost! You will be able to find out more about RFID at the RFID journal Live! Europe in London in November where we will be exhibiting.

We will of course speak more about it here but in the meantime, visit http://www.rfidjournalevents.com/europe/ for more info or to register.

We will be exhibiting at RFID Live! Europe in November 2017