Automotive Industry

RFID can bring diverse benefits throughout the automotive supply chain. It can also simplify car rental services and vehicle fleet management.

The use of RFID in the automotive supply chain

RFID technology brings solutions to the many challenges faced by the automotive industry:

• Unique Car identification
• Automation and monitoring throughout the manufacturing process
• Supports LEAN management and improves operational efficiency
• Eliminates the difficult and tiring task associated with the manual scanning of barcodes
• Manages the flow of parts’ containers
• Manages the maintenance of machines, tools and robots in compliance with ISO standards and other standards specific to the automotive industry

RFID also allows the carrying out of optimized inventory management in real-time, to trace parts and other components throughout the production process.

Numerous benefits :

• Reliability of stock information
• Reliability of maintenance information in a manufacturing environment
• Better management of supplies
• Reduction of part shortage
• Time saving
• Process optimization

RFID has many benefits for car manufacturing

RFID for Car rental services

The waiting time for a vehicle’s return can be significantly reduced through the use of RFID tags on keyrings and a RFID reader in reception.

Vehicle Fleet Management

A RFID solution can drastically simplify the management and maintenance of cars coming in and going back out. It is also of great help when trying to locate a vehicle in a car park.

If you are in the automotive industry and would like to find out more about the benefits of using RFID, contact us and we will be happy to discuss in more detail.