Data security & RFID encoding

Certified ISO 27001, Paragon Identification ensures that data transfer is completely secure.

Encoding of the microchip

The label or the RFID tag contain a microchip which can carry data. Each RFID chip has its own unique ID which is encrypted in the chip’s memory.  It cannot be forged or modified, however, it can be read with a specific reader.

Some microchips contain a second memory zone. The data encoded in that area depends on the use of the RFID microchip. Through a contactless reader/encoder, that data can be read, modified, erased and possibly even replaced. Such RFID microchips are rewritable and can be used several times.

RFID encoding

HF / UHF / NFC encoding

Paragon’s IT team has the necessary skills to define the type of encoding and the security levels required for your specific project:

  • Encoding UHF (GTIN 96, GS1 standard, specific encoding…)
  • Encoding NFC for use with smartphones & dedicated readers
  • Encoding with secured encryption (SAM cards, HSM) based on ISO 14443 and ISO 15693 (Mifare, Calypso, …)

Highly secure data transfer

Whatever the RFID encoding option used, the data transfer between our servers and your own systems are highly secured and conform to ISO 27001 standard.

RFID secure encoding


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