GALIA prioritises the implementation of RFID in the automotive supply chain.

GALIA, the « Groupement pour l’amélioration des liaisons dans l’industrie automobile » was created in 1984 to improve the relationship between business partners within the automotive industry. One of GALIA’s projects has been to define standards for the logistics side of the industry, in particular for labels, packaging and pallets, boxes and Electronic Data Interchange … Continue reading "GALIA prioritises the implementation of RFID in the automotive supply chain."

ASK becomes Paragon ID

Creation of Paragon ID, a European leader for identification solutions for e-ID, Smart Cities and the Internet of Things. Shareholders approve change of name at general meeting: ASK becomes Paragon ID The ordinary and extraordinary shareholders’ meeting was held on Wednesday, December 13, 2017, and chaired by John Rogers, Chairman of the Board of Directors, … Continue reading "ASK becomes Paragon ID"

The future of safety with e-ID

With global terrorism being at an all-time high, and the immigration crisis causing the displacement of thousands of desperate people with a desire for a better life – no matter how they achieve it – the risk of theft of your passport for fraudulent purposes has never been higher. In these worrying times it’s good to … Continue reading "The future of safety with e-ID"