Operational Maintenance

From the unique identification of equipment to the management and traceability of its upkeep, RFID brings many benefits to operational maintenance.

Operational Maintenance

Operational maintenance is the care and minor maintenance of equipment using procedures that do not require detailed technical knowledge of the equipment/system functions and designs. It consists of inspecting, cleaning, servicing, preserving, lubricating, and adjusting, as required and can include parts replacement.

Applications include:

• Automotive shops
• Heating & air conditioners
• Individual protection equipment
• Fire extinguishers
• Lifts
• Army equipment such as weapons
• …and many, many more

Operational Maintenance requires three conditions :

  1. The equipment to be maintained must be uniquely identified. A barcode or laser engraving does not guarantee the uniqueness of the equipment. However, with chips containing a unique international identification number, RFID is the most compliant solution.
  2. It must be easy to tell that the work has indeed been carried out. The engineer must scan and read the RFID chip to identify the equipment that needs repairing, access the information held on the chip and record new information.
  3.  Each task must be traceable. No more human error… the information is recorded and stored in the database of your maintenance management system.

RFID for operational maintenance of Army equipment

The benefits of RFID for operational maintenance

• The unique identification of the equipment in line with your maintenance management system

• The speed of transactions thanks to a mobile RFID reader / writer RFID capable of connecting with your maintenance management system

• A RFID marker suited to the application and atmospheric conditions.

• The RFID microchip can be integrated in a tag specifically chosen to fit your application

• The opportunity to record information in the microchip’s memory: visit date, task carried out

• The possibility to print a visit report thanks to the software integration

RFID for operational maintenance of fire equipment