RFID for the Management & Monitoring of Containers

RFID technology simplifies the management of re-usable trays, barrels, boxes… and effectively tracks their contents.

A better traceability of trays

Each tray is identified by a RFID tag or label which contains a chip with a unique identification number.

The RFID tags are read when they enter/exit a specific area and the data is automatically sent to the company’s IT system.

The precise location of each tray is known at any given moment.

RFID for the management of reusable containers

Optimal management of your trays and other reusable containers

RFID technology allows you to track trays and other containers whether they are located at your premises or not. For example, you know which trays are at which supplier or distributor so they are less likely to be lost or misplaced. It allows you to rationalise the number of trays required, cutting costs.

Other benefits for tracking trays using RFID

Compared to other “tray identification” solutions, RFID brings additional benefits including:

• Automated and simultaneous reading and recording of several trays at once
• No reading errors due to dirty labels, misprinted barcodes, manual input, etc
• Same life span for the label and the tray: a RFID chip can be read hundreds of thousands of times            without error

Traceability of contents

Integrated with your internal management system,  RFID technology allows you to record information about a specific tray which is automatically added to your database.

RFID technology offers a reliable solution to track the contents of your trays or other containers.

There are multiple applications:
• Information related to the respect of the cold chain in the food industry
• Optimization of delivery routes for the express transport sector
• Traceability of parts supplied to subcontractors in the automotive or aerospace sectors

RFID, an efficent tool for the management of resuable containers

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