Sports and leisure sector

From tourists, spectators, sports club subscribers to users of sport equipment, everyone can enjoy the benefits of access control by RFID or NFC applications.

Access to sport facilities

The example of the contactless ski pass perfectly illustrates the use of RFID for access control.

The pass contains the information required to allow access, or not, to the slopes. No need to take it out of your pocket and to have it scanned by a barcode reader, with contactless cards, skiers save time at the lifts turnstiles.

To add more credit to the pass, all is needed is to go to a ticket office or a kiosk and pay with cash or credit card. The information on the RFID chip is automatically updated.

RFID ski passes

Event ticketing

NFC technology is completely independent from smartphone batteries. The QR code or 2D tag on the screen replace the paper ticket.

The spectator simply brings his phone to the NFC reader which reads the useful information contained in the phone.

The Spectator can also have access to a wide range of complementary services.

RFID access control for events

Cultural development with NFC

Using NFC tags placed within the museum or outside of historical buildings, tourists and visitors have access to additional and contextual information by simply approaching their NFC phone.

Visitors’ journeys are enriched with multimedia content (video, audio, maps, archival images, etc.) associated with the pieces of arts or the buildings’ history.

NCF applications for tourists

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