Logistics Sector

From traceability to stock management, inventory to container tracking, many RFID applications are available to the logistics sector. Leading to improved accuracy and reliability, increased productivity gain and improved client services.

RFID labels for the logistics sector

Compared with barcode labels which can become difficult to read due to poor printing quality, damage to the label etc…, there is no readibility issue with RFID labels.

Several RFID labels can also be read simultaneously even if you can’t see them. There is no need to open boxes to scan products one by one like with a barcode. This streamlines processes and improves dramatically productivity.

Depending on the application and the type of products in the warehouse, RFID labels can be applied to individual products, boxes or pallets.

Improved stock accuracy

When using RFID labels for stock management, inventory accuracy reaches 95% as opposed to 80% when using traditional barcode labels. You can access real-time stock information whenever you want allowing you to manage more accurately your stock replenishment and provide improved services to your customers.

Accurate stock management with RFID
(Davis Turner photos)

Increased productivity

Instead of scanning an entire pallet manually, your warehouse operative passes the pallet through a RFID tunnel which entirely and simultaneously reads the contents of the pallet. Another solution is to add a RFID reader on the forklift truck.

The time saved by using this method leads to vastly increased productivity levels.

Heath and safety

Because operatives don’t have to get down from their forklift trucks as often as before and don’t have to contort to scan items one by one, they are less likely to injure themselves and suffer from muscle strain.

This results in a reduction of sickness days and accident rates in your warehouse whilst improving their job satisfaction.

Less theft

With RFID technology, each entry or exit of pallets or items from a warehouse or storage area is detected automatically. It is therefore much more difficult to steal goods.