Once used for product identification, stock management and inventory, RFID is now also used as a means of payment, for customer loyalty programmes, as an anti-theft device and to improve the customer experience as a whole.

An investment that brings true ROI

The majority of retailers who have choose to use RFID will see their turnover rise by 5 to 10%, as long as the project is well managed, and the solution well chosen. With a well prepared and well thought out source tagging – the stage at which the the RFID label is affixed to the product – everything is possible.

Depending on the retailer and distribution channels, it will be a store, a warehouse or a production site, sometimes overseas. In this case, the RFID project will be far more ambitious than a simple stock management application.

The key benefits of RFID solutions for product identification

Accurate stock information

• Stock accuracy exceeding 95 %
• More sales thanks to less inventory mistakes
• Increased customer satisfaction

Productivity gain

• Simultaneous reading of several RFID labels on boxes and pallets
• No input error or reading error due to illegible or inaccessible barcode label

Procurement optimization

• Increased understanding of the 20% of articles representing 80% of the turnover
• Simplification of returns in after-sales departments

Sales aid

• Reading of Near Field Communication (NFC) smart tags by the client with a single NFC phone
• More dialogue with consumers
• Connected Labels bound to intelligent mirrors
• Improved customer experience

Anti theft

• RFID acts as an efficient integrated anti-theft tool

Checkout simplification

• Simultaneous reading of several labels even invisible ones

RFID solution in the retail sector

NFC – benefit your customers directly through their phones.

NFC solutions bring several benefits to customers :

• NFC payment
• Product authentication
• Access to product information such as its origin, its components etc…
• Virtual Loyalty Card
• Access to promotions and vouchers

For the retailer, the improved level of services offered generates an improved customer experience, an increased loyalty and increased sales.