RFID – Key success factors

RFID technology brings numerous benefits to its users, from productivity gain and increased revenues to brand protection.

RFID characteristics

The use of radio frequency as a communication channel, the protocol of data exchange between the reader and the chip, and the characteristics of the microchip itself offer the following benefits:

• Simultaneous reading (without visual contact) of several RFID labels
• Possibility of long distance reading (UHF)
• High level of security
• Protection of the data encoded in the chip
• A tamper-evident and highly secure microchip

RFID - miltiples benefits, multiple applications

Multiple applications


  • Reduction of human errors
  • Increased productivity through the silmutaneous reading of multiple boxes / pallets
  • Re-usable RFID labels during multiple cycles

Stock and inventory management

  • Simplification of the inventory process
  • Accuracy of over 95%
  • Optimised stock levels and replenishments = increased sales

Access Control

  • Tamper-evident and secure chip
  • Accuracy and security of data exchange

Brand protection

  • Tamper-evident RFID labels with unique identifier
  • Discreet label
  • Opportunity to be used to interact with customers and enhance customer relationships
  • Act as an effective anti-theft tool



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